A traduire Fire eating trick list

Par Adam Lobo, mardi 30 septembre 2014, 05:42
Original list from From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_eatingModified by Fire Eating Facebook Group Members.

You can Edit the Wikipedia OR THIS DOC to include tricks you have identified------ Personally, I think this is a pretty thorough list but needs slight updating as we continue to develop. -----


Note that this isn’t a definitive list. If you and your friends call these moves by different names- there’s nothing wrong with that. Let us know and we’ll list both names. This list is so we can have a basis of which to learn from, a common ground of terminology, and a means to progress our craft.

Extinguishes are methods of extinguishing torches, and are the traditional hallmark of fire eating.
The Blow Out - Torch goes in mouth, Blow out air to put out fire.
Eating the Fire / The Standard Fire Eat - Torch goes in mouth, fire goes out, no breath.
*Straight snuff - Fire eating whilst keeping your head level
Multiple fire eat - basic fire eat with several torches at once
Flaming cotton ball extinguish - put out a cotton ball as you would a torch
Hand snuff / Palm Extinguish - put the torch out by snuffing it with your hand
**Jellyfish/Whip/Toss extinguish - pull the torch down out of the flame to extinguish it.
Miscellaneous / Other
Finger Flares (One Finger, Five-Finger) - Touch lit torch, pull fingers away with fire still on them.
Hand Flashes - Touch lit torch with hand, pull away with fire still on your hand.
Teething - hold a lit torch by the wick in your teeth
Immolation - passing any part of the body through the flame
Retention - Holding a lit fire torch within your mouth for an extended period of time
Tongue rest - Letting the lit wick of a fire torch rest on the tongue
Jack-O-Lantern - Light tongue, pull tongue back into mouth, face forward, and smile :smiley:
Slow burn / Trail Blazer - Very slowly dragging a lit fire torch on the skin
Vapor Techniques
Vapor techniques utilize the fuel vapors held in the mouth during or before an extinguish.
Human candle - slowly feed a candle sized flame with vapors you hold. Can be done Horizontally.
Volcano/Blowout - Pushing out the remaining vapor from the Human Candle. Volcano looks more like a stream, Blowout might look more like a poof or fireball.
*Vapor Pull - Draw in vapor from a torch. Lit or unlit.
*Vapor Hold - From vapor pull or remaining vapor from an eat, close mouth, hold the vapor in closed mouth.
Vapor tricks
**Cigarette light - light a cigarette with a Human Candle
**Pirouette Candle - Horizontal Human Candle, drawn into mouth, 360 pirouette spin, back to candle or blowout.
***Ring of Fire - Think smoke rings, but with fire.
Transfers are methods of moving a flame from one area to another, by using the body, or another surface or medium.
Body transfers - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with parts of your body, e.g. arm, leg, chest, buttocks, toes, nipples, etc.•Finger transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your fingers (most common form of transfer)•Hand/Palm Transfer - Light hand, hand lights unlit torch.•Shotgun - lighting a trail of fuel on the body to light an unlit fire torch. •The Reacher - Extend out your hand/fingers to a flame, shotgun to upper arm.•*Thumbs up - Soak Thumb, Hand/Palm extinguish leaving top part of torch lit, hover thumb above it, torch goes out as thumb steals the fire.
Tongue transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your tongue
Shoot-The-Moon - From a fire eat, blow out so it shoots up as a fireball to an unlit torch.
Surface transfer - Transfer from lit torche to dead torch using a surface, e.g. counters, floor, table, etc.
Spit Transfer - A Blow Out to light another torch.
Jumping Jellyfish - Jellyfish to another torch. *Can do one handed if baton-style
Vapor Transfers
Transfers utilizing Vapor techniques.
Vapor transfer- Ignite one torch from human candle.
*Vapor hold transfer - Vapor hold, ignite from lit torch to become candle, light unlit torch.
Blow-A-Kiss - Small amounts of fuel on the palm of the hand is ignited by a vapor pull, creating the effect of the performer blowing a kiss of fire.
Finger Vapor Shots - Sample principle as Blow-A-Kiss but from a finger transfer.
*Statue of Liberty - Candle to Shotgun up a raised hand to light a torch.
***Parachute - Jellyfish to Horizontal Candle.
Tech / Combos / Stunt
Combinations of tricks that involve special setups
**Snot Rocket - Blockhead meets Volcano/Blow-Out. Using a torch with a handle like a big nail, insert it into your nose, Face upwards balancing the torch in your nose with no hands, then Volcano/Blow-Out or Shoot-the-moon or a Vapor Hold Blow-A-Kiss of some type to light the torch sticking out of your nose.
*****The Prometheus - Steal fire from torch during eat, blowout to relight same/different torch.
***The Hot Shot - Shoot the moon (vapor pull on release) to soaked fingers/hand, Blow-a-kiss to light torch with hand shaped like gun (optional hand shape)
***Crossfire - Vapor Hold, cross arms as an X, light the vapor hold from lit torch, rotate head over to light dead torch.
***Flaming Flamenco - Jellyfish to hand that shotguns it to upper arm to light an unlit torch you hold in your mouth like a rose.
***Parachute (Listed again here because of its combo potential) - Jellyfish to Horizontal Candle to _________ (if combo to Crossfire call it Paratrooper? Because it’s a parachute into a crossfire? lol)***Basejumping Off The Statue Of Liberty Then Shaking Hands With The Mayor - Jellyfish to Candle to Statue of Liberty to grip torch then Hand/Palm transfer to unlit torch.
Partner Tricks
**Feed Each Other (aka “Here comes the airplane/choo-choo!”) - Any of the eating techniques can be done by the other person putting the torch in your mouth, or visa-versa. Mix and match. Have fun.
The Gemini Transfer - (Partner A) right arm and (Partner B) left arm extended horizontally, wrist facing up, fingers facing down (like an upside down hi-five), unlit torches soak from bottom of palm to arm, either 1 partner can light their end and watch it light across both arms, or have a third person light from center.
Deal with the Devil Transfer - Partner A and B both soak right hand from web between thumb and index finger to up their arm, shake hands, 1 partner lights their end, fire lights across both arms.
Hot Legs - Human Candle to someones ankle that shotguns/trailblazes up to their thigh to light a torch.
***Fire Kiss - Human candle from one person to light a vapor hold of another person. Can also be done from tongue to tongue (separate name? French Kiss?)
***Cerberus Stance - There are many interesting combinations when there’s just 3 torches between 2 people. It’s easier to dance together with, and you can always switch off from 1 to 2 torches with them. Don’t look at it like one partner having only 1 torch, rather see it as partner A is acting as partner B’s 2 torch arms while B now has an extra 3rd torch and a free hand for switchoffs.

*** Vape Technique
Utilizing a vaporizor along with fire eating.
Vape Fire Eat - Eat the fire as vape bellows out of mouth.
Vape Candle - Human candle that turns into pillar of vape.
Vape the Moon - Shoot the moon with vape chasing it.
Vape Fireball - From candle or vapor draw light, pulling in the fire, then shooting it out with a vapor trail.
The Great and Powerful Oz - TBA ##############
The Atom Bomb - TBA ##################

***** Hidden Dragon Technique
Description: TBA / Pending / Work in Progress
Fire in the Hole - Hidden Dragon, face up and stick tongue out, light tongue, pull tongue into mouth, release the Hidden Dragon into a candle/volcano.

****** Forbidden Tricks
No. Just no.
####### #### - #########################
The Real Snot Rocket - lit vapor shooting a blast out of nose.

  • = Each * represents an extra degree of difficulty for various reasons such as self-danger, consistency, dangers to others/partner, etc.

Note: Wikipedia mentions a trick called “The Extinguisher” which is defined as “Utilizing a class:B fire extinguisher to extinguish aforementioned flame”.Please do not attempt to perform this trick. Fire extinguishers are messy and expensive to have refilled and for the majority of the extinguishers you will use during your career discharge powders that are harmful if inhaled.